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Recessed & Track Lighting

Recessed & Track Lighting
recessed-track-lighting-electriciansIt is becoming almost essential to have recessed and track lighting in the home, as it can make a normal kitchen or dining area look like something out of a magazine - at a fraction of the cost of a full kitchen makeover. To get that modern look you've been wanting, consider track and recessed lighting to change the ambiance of a room and bring out the features you want all your guests to see.

Recessed lighting is just as it sounds - the light is situated within the ceiling to create the effect of the light coming through a space in the roof. If the area above the ceiling is accessible, such as an attic, this can be used for the installation of the light housing. The type of housing to be used depends on whether the housing will be in contact with insulation in the ceiling. The other thing to check when selecting housing is whether it is designed to be installed before the ceiling is in place, or if it is for an existing ceiling. The vendor will be able to help you in the selection of the type of housing.

Track lighting is where light fixtures are attached to a continuous track which contains a section of electrically conductive material. The light fixtures attached to these can be simple small fixtures, or they can hang down if the ceilings are quite high or to be closer to a work surface, for example over an island or counter in a kitchen.

recessed-lightingInstalling each of these systems produces different challenges, so it is important that you hire a professional to handle the process. Recessed lighting requires an accurate cutting of the ceiling; otherwise the housings cannot be attached. Track lighting can be installed by removing an existing lighting fixture and using those wires,or running new wires from a junction box. There will be manufacturing instructions with your selected track as to how to attach it to the roof.
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