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Pool & Hot Tub Wiring

pool-hot-tub-wiringWiring a pool or a hot tub usually encompasses various other similar appliances and luxuries in your home. Among others, there are Jacuzzis, fountains, spas and even small swimming pools.

You need electric power in your pools and hot tubs, and since they are major electrical appliances, they will require a lot of power. High current is a must here, so check whether your power service produces at least 100 – 200 A current. As with many other such appliances, their requirements in voltage and current will vary greatly. You can check out your electric panel in order to find those numbers. If you are still unsure, an electrician can always help you out. Keep also in mind that a larger pool will require more electric power for it's components to run properly. The components' strength and number will affect your power consumption substantially, so make sure your power service can handle it.

The required components for wiring your pool or hot tub can all be acquired from a certified vendor. They will be able to provide you with everything you need, such as the cables, isolation materials, pumps, and even the accessories you want in your pool. These may include items such as lights, heaters, blowers, spa pumps, and jets. Again, each of those will consume more electric power. Wiring these parts together needs to be safe and reliable-make sure to check your warranty papers, as well as check and double check the wiring instructions and diagrams.

It is very important that you apply utmost caution when dealing with pool and hot tub wiring. Electricity is dangerous by itself, and in contact with water, it can lead to even more serious electrocutions, which can ultimately result in death. It is strongly recommended that you trust a licensed and qualified electrician with this job. On top of that, a qualified electrician may recommend -or even insist - that you adapt your pool or hot tub to meet the additional requirements he knows. These include components for additional reliability and safety, such as emergency switches and outlet protection.

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