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New Home Construction

new-home-construction-electricalWhen designing for new home construction, electrical needs should be considered from the very first planning stages. Our team has years of experience wiring homes, working with the area's elite home builders. We use quality electrical components to ensure your new home's electrical system will stand the test of time.

We can help you plan the electrical system for your new home construction project. Our first order of business is to determine home much electricity will be needed to power all the devices used inside and outside of your new home. Some of the crucial elements we consider when planning an electrical system for new home construction will include:

  • The number of outlets needed in each room and their placement
  • The type of lighting you would like in each room of the home
  • Power supplies for appliances, entertainment, and other home systems

By planning these needs, we can determine how much power will be needed by your family. If your family's power needs aren't considered in the planning stages of new home construction, once you get into your new home, you may find issues operating your devices. Properly plan your electrical system with our electricians to ensure you'll have the power you need and want when your home is finished.

A poorly designed electrical system in new home construction can leave homeowners with many problems, including serious ones, once the home is completed. One problem poor planning can leave you with is not enough power to operate devices and systems within the home safely. Also, when your power demand is not adequately planned initially, your electrical system can become overloaded by the home's systems and devices, creating dangerous conditions.

It's a good idea to consider future enhancements to the home when planning electrical for new home construction. Adding enough power initially to supply additional appliances or systems later on will save you from additional electrical work when you're ready to make these enhancements. Common additions to the home which may need more power than your system can supply include:

  • Pools and hot tubs
  • Home theater systems
  • Additional appliances
  • Home automation controls
  • Home security systems
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